Funding & Distributing Micro-Budget Movies - Ryan Haggerty - Movies in the Black Podcast

February 12, 2019

Ryan Haggerty is a filmmaker and freelance media producer based in Pittsburgh, PA. He was one of the producers for Blood on the Leaves in 2015 as well as cinematographer for that film and many others. Ryan also taught filmmaking at the John Russo Movie Making program in DuBois.


Find Ryan @haggertymedia


Holding Spaces for Creative Entrepreneurs - Liz Deering - Movies in the Black

February 5, 2019

Liz Deering is a social entrepreneur, designer, brand-builder and community-advocate. She is the Co-Founder of The Un.Inc and the Founder of Impact Haven.

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Perks of Producing as an Actor - Katie C’etta - Movies in the Black Show

January 28, 2019

Katie C'etta is an actor living in Los Angeles from Pennsylvania. She also produced the upcoming short film, Strangers. We discuss working in film in LA vs. elsewhere, crowdfunding, and producing as an actor.


Acknowledging Truth Through Film - Scott Sullivan - Movies in the Black

January 15, 2019

Scott Sullivan is a producer, actor, and director from Pittsburgh living in Los Angeles. He is currently working on his short film, Red. We talk about people connecting through the internet, teen bullying, battling depression, and using the right screenwriting software.


Getting Through the Struggle - Ben Gibson - Movies in the Black Show

January 7, 2019

Ben Gibson is co-founder of the Un.Inc and is obsessed with helping change makers get through the struggles that life, business, and creating presents.


Networking Through Content - Anthony Freeze - Movies in the Black Show

January 1, 2019

 Anthony Freeze talks about the power of networking though content like his 24 Hour Hustle Show. He also details his future plans for his content including an audience facing site focused on entertainment culture and hosting screenings for big movies.


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Killin’ It On Instagram & Diversifying Income - Alyssa Ruberto

December 27, 2018

Alyssa Ruberto shares some of her Instagram secrets and what it's like doing residency programs. She also talks in depth about diversifying your revenue streams as a creative.


Working With the Right People - Kevin Interdonato - Movies in the Black Show

December 10, 2018

Kevin talks about some of his strategies for building a strong career in the movie industry. We also discuss wearing many hats and trusting the right people.


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Faith Based Films and Running a Small Town Production Company - Steve Sensebaugh - Movies in the Black Show

December 10, 2018

This episode we speak with filmmaker, Steve Sensebaugh about running a freelance production company in a small town while still trying to make movies. We also talk through the making of and distribution of his faith-based micro budget feature film.


For more about Everlasting Productions, visit their website:


Making A Living While Following Your Passion in Acting - Dallas White - Movies In The Black Show

November 25, 2018

This episode we speak with actor, Dallas White about working and trying to make money while staying creatively satisfied in the movie industry.

For more about Dallas, visit his website: